Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday: Kurt Cobain

In relation to yesterday being Kurt Cobain's birthday, I thought today's addition would be a quick rendering of Nirvana's front man. A very raw pencil doodle I ravaged out on paper as "Very Ape" grunges on the blaster in the background. It has been a while since I just jammed a sketch and regardless of the final outcome, never looking back to obsess about it. The pencil pretty much just ran with this one. What inspired the look? Well some of my favorite photos I've seen of him has him standing in front of statues with angel wings and it always looked like he was wearing them as for the glasses, back as a teen I had a poster in which he sported the bug looking shades. The sweater much like the flannels were his brand and the flower idea brought to you by the very colorful Heart Shape box video. I'm telling you the pencil had its own ideas today...

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