Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday: Kurt Cobain

In relation to yesterday being Kurt Cobain's birthday, I thought today's addition would be a quick rendering of Nirvana's front man. A very raw pencil doodle I ravaged out on paper as "Very Ape" grunges on the blaster in the background. It has been a while since I just jammed a sketch and regardless of the final outcome, never looking back to obsess about it. The pencil pretty much just ran with this one. What inspired the look? Well some of my favorite photos I've seen of him has him standing in front of statues with angel wings and it always looked like he was wearing them as for the glasses, back as a teen I had a poster in which he sported the bug looking shades. The sweater much like the flannels were his brand and the flower idea brought to you by the very colorful Heart Shape box video. I'm telling you the pencil had its own ideas today...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Career Day Glitter Effect

A couple of quick Spidey head shot sketch cards for my kids career day. As my lovely children have described my work to their teachers, "daddy goes to work and draws all day". Their explanation of what a graphic artist does. None the less I thought a couple of giveaway sketch cards may add to the "cool factor" of being a professional artist "who draws all day".

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music Monday: Winehouse

Music Monday on a Tuesday. This late week addition is jazzed up by the rhythms of Ms. Winehouse. Problems aside, she can melody the tunes of the blues. The image is actually another B&W piece I dusted off because I wanted to throw some technology colors to it. Coming fresh from a full overload of Valentines pink I went with it and kept her in the classic B&W of the classic tune era. Yup, that is a whole lot of pink.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lonely In Black: Letters from Darkness TP

What's this, WHAT'S THIS, its Wesley over there!!? YES, with much enthusiasm I reveal the first wave of the Lonely in Black: Letters From Darkness trade paperback copies that I just received in the mail. Can't begin to express the feeling in seeing and holding this collection. Reality sets in and it's still pretty rad. This collection includes all the issues of Lonely in Black plus a bear story that was printed in a very small run for a free comic book day years back. Oh also it has the art of Lonely in Black gallery in the back. Mike-E and I are extremely proud to share this with everyone, truly it was years in the making. Now the question that I've been getting all weekend long since the books arrival, when and were are these books going to be available? Beginning of March and the official first appearance will be at the Staple! Independent Media Expo. Soon after, it will be through this site, a few comic stores and at a couple of comic conventions. Look for the tab to appear in early March. Now, time to take on the next chapter!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Voltron: United and Drawn

So what am I up to lately? A little on this and a little on that. What I am anxious to share with you all is that late last year I whipped up an image of Voltron for an awesome hardcover book released this month called Voltron: United and Drawn, an artbook from the great folks at 5finity and Moonstone books, that pays tribute to both versions of the cartoon series. What was a great experience for me was knowing that as a kid I would draw the lions over and over after the cartoon was over and now to see the published book with my contribution, well its just plan rad! Where can you get a copy, its as simple as clicking over to webstore.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Music Monday: Bubbles

Okay so this week has a bit of a trail for the reasoning to the image for Music Monday. Hop on for the ride. A while back I did an art book which had a variety of images both in black and white and in color. The piece above was originally B&W. Well tonight I revived it with a splash of color to make it version 2.0. So the ride doesn't stop there, my original intentions was to have the image pop so I added bubbles and it was with color that I got closer to seeing the piece as I originally envisioned it. The connection to music was that back in the day, and admittedly now as well, a top favorite film of mine is a small indie film called Mallrats. Within the soundtrack is an unreleased track called Bubbles by Bush. So in conclusion to my essay, the girl above is listening to Bush's Bubbles track and has officially become this weeks Music Monday entry. How's that for random.