Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lonely In Black: Letters from Darkness TP

What's this, WHAT'S THIS, its Wesley over there!!? YES, with much enthusiasm I reveal the first wave of the Lonely in Black: Letters From Darkness trade paperback copies that I just received in the mail. Can't begin to express the feeling in seeing and holding this collection. Reality sets in and it's still pretty rad. This collection includes all the issues of Lonely in Black plus a bear story that was printed in a very small run for a free comic book day years back. Oh also it has the art of Lonely in Black gallery in the back. Mike-E and I are extremely proud to share this with everyone, truly it was years in the making. Now the question that I've been getting all weekend long since the books arrival, when and were are these books going to be available? Beginning of March and the official first appearance will be at the Staple! Independent Media Expo. Soon after, it will be through this site, a few comic stores and at a couple of comic conventions. Look for the tab to appear in early March. Now, time to take on the next chapter!

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