Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music Mondays: Gorillaz

Music Mondays. What??! Yes, in an effort to post more and create more I decided to have a theme for Mondays in which I will create something that was inspired, linked to, influenced or anything by music. Might just have the music in the background and the piece flows or maybe a piece to tribute a band/artist that influenced me at the time. Possibilities are endless.

This week I went with the Gorillaz for no other than it feels good. Always liked the character portrayals of the band and the music is one end to the other from album to album and even song to song. In relation to what I am going to try to achieve with the "Music Mondays", I too will try and go from one extreme to another. Have a suggestion for Music Mondays? Head on over to the fan page @ Facebook and drop the suggestion. You never know, it might just make sense that week.

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