Thursday, April 2, 2009

LIB Podcast

Yes I added an older piece, yes it is one of Lonely in Black and yes I am ready to answer why... Because it is time. Time to bring the past in to the present once again. In our last trip to Austin we had a large amount of "Will there be more LIB stories?" The answer yes. I don't think Mike-e and I can ever turn our backs on the Wesley and the cast. We have been absent but never did we abandon our book or its contents. Which leads us to the Podcast.

We were interviewed by the ever cool League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen at earlier this month and we were asked about LIB. It was definitely a charge to bring our book back to the spotlight. The interview starts about 20 minutes in but I do recommend listening to all the interviews within the podcast. The League is definitely an entertaining bunch to listen to. Thanks guys for letting us be part of your podcast and as for Lonely in Black keep an eye out, there has been some pages spotted out there. Oh and about the drawing, it was created for a super cool fan who really dug the book.

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