Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WIzard World Wrap-Up (sort of)

Why sort of? Because where the intention was to visually share the awesomeness of the Austin Con, I would realize photo ops to late. Also I would remember to take photos of the pieces I did at the con 10 seconds after the person walked away from the table. To everyone who waited patiently for art, thank you. For everyone who came and talked to us and embraced us as old friends, thank you. And to everyone who made us sell out of Lonely in Black issues, THANK YOU! By Sunday afternoon we were officially sold out of issues of LIB that I ended up offering free sketch cards in replacement for the issues not available. Above are two kind guys that I was able to snap a picture with holding original pieces.

On a side note I have been asked about when LIB #4 will be available for public consumption and the answer is now. A link will be up soon on the blog for purchase but if your needs are now, shoot me an email and we will expedite the order.

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