Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chalk the Block 2010

And cut! That is a wrap and another Chalk the Block event under our belts. As before, it was an awesome time to be had and a great opportunity to meet with people that we would normally not have the chance to converse with. The task was simple, chalk up a large block outside the art museum within 12 hours. Mike-E and I started the journey on Friday evening, got the first layer out in four hours and then continued the rest the following day from 6am to 2pm. Most of Saturday was spent detailing and obsessing. The piece represents my take of Mother Nature, hence the title Madre Nature. Dressed in a Spanish dress and sporting raven long black hair, she provides El Paso with the nurturing that it needs. Simple to understand and most of kids got it. Others thought she was a vampire. Oh silly children and their Twilights.

I'd like to give a GRAND thank you to Mike-E for the long hours assistance (I promise to buy you robot knees with I get rich), Jenny for the love and all that she does, Candie for the awesome photos she took, our family and friends for their support and a special thanks to Marina, Marisol, Victor and the rest of the Chalk the Block gang for the opportunity to contribute to this years Chalk the Block!

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