Sunday, August 8, 2010

Post Live Art

What wild times we live in and as I have said times before, I am grateful for the opportunities that I get to have as an artist. Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to jam out some live art with fellow artist Daniel Dagones (bottom left) and Justin Brooks (bottom right) at the Border City Ale House and it was a great vibe. From speaking art techniques to meeting some great folks from El Paso and Las Cruces, it was definitely an event to remember. My contribution for the night was created from black and red ink on Illustration board (top right). The night also set up a stage where the three artist would change off on a collaboration piece where each would add something else where the last artist left off (top right). Thanks to all the folks who joined us and showed their support, a special thanks to the folks at Limelight Productions (Gabby, Brenda and James) for putting this together and the rad folks at the Border City Ale House for giving us a place to shine. On a side note, if you want to see some stellar photos taken of the event, visit Brojo Photography and click on Bordercity Ale House tab and click on the Limelight_Art_Project at the bottom of the page. Thank you El Paso and Las Cruces, Good Night!

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