Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wonder Woman IV

Here is one of the projects that I was working on that I am very privileged to be apart of. Every year an event called Wonder Woman Day is held to benefit Domestic Violence shelters and Crisis Line. Artist are invited to contribute pieces of work to raise money and this year I was accepted as a participant. For more information about the cause go to

About the piece. It measures 15" X 20" and was made of ink and Prisma Markers. I roughed it out first and once I got the idea out, I went in with the colors.
Like most artist would agree, you may have an initial idea of where you want to go but sometime along the way your brain and hand take control and changes are made. Hence the detail on the hair and the many stars on the background. One of the best parts about being an artist is the ability to let go...

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