Monday, May 4, 2009


As everyone knows, I am a long time fan of Jim Mahfood AKA Food One and all the work that he has done in both comics and in the fine arts world. I really can't say enough about Jim other than he is one of those unique artist that creates from within and when you set him loose with no restrictions you get some amazing pieces. My first encounter with his stuff started with the Clerks books and carried on to the Grrl Scouts and the recent Drum Kick Comix. As the years went by and I crafted my art, I never thought I would meet him yet alone be an exhibitor at the same Austin con two years in a row. In talking with him and seeing him go at it on a sketch book I can honestly say he is so down to earth and so unfazed by his success. Truly an artist by definition. Check out his work at 40 oz comics.

In tribute to the entertaining book Food One gave us with Kick Drum Comix, I present to you Echo Chambers: Bombastic Avenging Disco Space Goddess! (Echo Chambers is a copyright of Jim Mahfood). Hope I did her justice Jim.

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